Why choose Silverie Properties for your project?

We know that you just want to get the job done right with the experts. At Silverie Properties, we work to realize the vision of our clients. We aim to be ahead of schedule, and under budget, for every project, every time, without sacrificing quality.

Here’s What We Can Do For You


Before the start of every construction project, we take it as a virtue to make planning as the foundation on which every subsequent step is based. We adhere to a comprehensive prequalification process to determine the most qualified and financially stable subcontractors for your project. Our experienced preconstruction team of estimators, project managers, and scheduling experts in the market handle kinds of projects that you are looking to build.


We believe that the design-build model is efficient to complete an entire project from initial sketches through final construction, instead of dividing tasks between separate architecture and construction companies. This innovative thinking and strategy are what makes Silverie Properties stand throughout the years.

 General Construction

We act as a full-service general contractor throughout California. Our core markets include: Luxury Homes and Condos, Affordable and Senior Housing, Multifamily Apartments, and Commercial Projects.

 Construction Management

As your general construction manager, we will attentively manage every area of your project with a level of service that ensures success. With that in mind, we plan this process for you: a fully automated cloud-based billing and payment system, complete online collaboration tools bridging the entire construction team, detailed scheduling, comprehensive cost reporting, valuable engineering, and quality control services.

 Client Relationship

We not just maintain professional relationships with architectural and engineering communities but also outstanding reputation and allegiance among subcontractors throughout the region.